19 August, 2006

Mother in Law's Tongue

I really don't know how this one slipped my mind but it did come back today - so here goes.

The plant above (the one in the foreground), I believe, is called Mother in Law's Tongue.

I was suitably enlightened to this aspect of botany by none other than Appu, a couple of months back.

The thought did cross my mind - "That's a pretty unusual name for a plant"

When I ventured into asking her as to whether she knew how that name had been coined, pat came the reply "Yes Mummy, I do know".

"Well then, tell me why" I told her

Pat came the reply

"Because its leaves are like a mother in law's tongue - long and sharp".

Information courtesy : two parent volunteers who apparently volunteered this piece of information whilst the kids were on a school trip to the Botanical Gardens.

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