09 August, 2006

The "Milk Uncle"

I had placed an order for UHT milk. Out here, in HK, we get to order for cases of milk - each case has 12 one litre packs of milk. So order them in bulk - say 2-3 cases and they deliver the stuff home. And it does save one the trouble of lugging milk from the supermarket each and every time.

Yesterday, the delivery boys from the shop came over in the evening to deliver the cases of milk.

Abhay was sitting on his little chair when he saw these guys unloading the cases of milk and he says "What's that ? That's milk" all in one breath.

Just before the boys from the shop left, one of them waved out to Abhay and said "Bye" and Abhay muttered a "Bye Bye" after that guy had left.

I asked him "Who was that ?"

Pat came the reply

"Milk Uncool" (Uncool = Uncle - in Abhay's language)

Thank God he did not call him a COW !!!!

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