03 August, 2006

Gotten Tagged ..........

............ by Tharini

I am wondering as to why I’m sitting here doing this !!

I said to myself just now that the reason I’m doing this is cos it’s got me tickled pink. Oh yes – it feels good to be tagged :-)

I want to eat Bhel Puri and Chaat . Abhi, Yahaan, Iseeee Waqt !!! Sounds crazy, insane ??? Just in case you are wondering - women who are not pregnant do have their cravings too !!

I wish I could swim. Appu’s gotten me quite jealous !!

I miss my hubby darling who isn’t going to be back until tomorrow. I miss him real bad !!!!

I hear my two little imps snoring softly right now. Music to my ears !!

I wonder what I would have done had I not met Vic, had we not gotten married and I wonder what we would have done without our two little imps !!

I regret not starting my blog earlier.

I am what I am.

I dance when I really let loose – without any inhibitions. Like when we had been to the AR Rehman Live Concert in Hongkong, I remember dancing like there was no tomorrow and loved every minute of it.

I sing in tandem with anything on the stereo and Abhay hates it !!!

I am not as patient with my kids as I would like to be.

I cry when I’m really hurt over something or when I feel I’ve hurt someone by being insensitive.

I'm not always as patient with my kids as I “envision” a mom should be.

I make with my hands little little bits of “hurt” on elbows, knees to go away.

I write a lot less than what I would actually like to.

I confuse theory and practice.

I need reassurance and lots of it.

I should shut the PC down right now and try earnestly to get some sound sleep !!

I tag My Darling Husband – Want to get tagged darling ???!!!

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