01 August, 2006

Food Food Everywhere, Not a Bite to Eat .........

........... or atleast that is what the fishes in the aquarium at home must have been thinking today morning.

I had given Abhay his shower, dried his hair and dressed him up when I got an emergency call from Appu over something. While we were sorting that out, I suddenly realised that there was absolutely no noise whatsoever from Abhay. Now thats real bad news !! As long as we can hear him around the house things are OK but when he is so quiet, things generally are absolutely un-OK.

I went investigating and looking back it was a good thing I did that. There he was, sitting near the corner table, with some of the fish food spilt on the corner table. Good thing that he was taken in by the multi coloured granules and was trying to figure out where to place some of the mixed up colours. Else, knowing Abhay, he would have ventured into tasting some too !!!

He gives us enough trouble eating the food that humans normally do, but he very well might have taken a liking for fish food :-))

While a quite chastised Abhay went off to sulk, Mummy had quite a bit of cleaning up work to do.

The little fishes in the aquarium, in the meantime, had gone quite berserk. The fish food is near the aquarium and the moment anyone goes near the aquarium they all rise to the surface with their little mouths bobbing open and shut, expecting an unexpected helping of food.

And this was quite something - their food spilt all over but not a bit into the aquarium !!

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