21 August, 2006

"F" for "Fish"

The other day Abhay and Appu were sitting together with one of Abhay's alphabet books. They seemed to be having no trouble - as is normally the case when they read a book together. Appu says a word out aloud and Abhay repeats it.

I could hear the chatter chatter until suddenly I just heard Appu repeating "F for Fish. Hmmm - Yummy yummy fish !!"

"Abhay say it with me" "F for Fish - look - yummy yummy fish"

And Abhay was giving her a look of utter incomprehension.

Appu, being the carnivore she is, went on repeating "Yummy yummy fish".

He knows to associate the word "yummy" with food but the word "fish" with food or the word "yummy" with fish.

Oh !! What confusion !!

As far as Abhay was concerned, fish were something that swam around in the water. Period !!

"Fishes swimming in the water" - makes sense
"Fishes eating mum mum" - makes sense
"Fishes with small tails" - makes sense
"F for Fish" - makes sense
"F for Fish - yummy yummy fish" - Nah !!
Since when did fish get yummy huh ??

Guess he is still trying to figure that one out !!

2 voice(s) said so:

Hunky Dude said...

Yup...thats what we ate that day...yummy yummy sea bass fish!

Random Thoughts said...

Something Fishy Going on there?