04 August, 2006

The Clash of the Titans

Vic and Abhay do a lot of similar things ...........

e.g making faces at me

e.g giving me that " He He He" look

e.g coming over and asking me

"Kaam Dhandha Nahin Hai Kya ?"

Don't read it as simply as I've written it here. Add a slow, lazy draaaaawwwwllll to it and stretch each word slowly as long as it can be stretched whilst audibly making sense and once you do that YES !! you got it !!!

At times like these, when it comes to pulling my leg, they are like three parallel lines - Vic, Appu and Abhay - running alongside each other.

If you are probably wondering by now as to where this is all leading ...........

On Tuesday (01 Aug), two of the parallel lines crashed into each other. Vic and Abhay were playing on the sofa when BOOM !!!! they crashed into each other - quite literally - cos they banged their heads together very hard. I was not around when this happened but the "bang" was reportedly "very loud".

A few minutes later, both dad and son were sporting little eggs on the side of their foreheads.

Vic was later saying that it felt like a concussion.

Abhay, over the next two days (or rather nights), made me feel as though insomnia was a picnic in the park when compared to falling asleep and then being woken up.

01 August 2006 - the day when we had a rerun of "The Clash of the Titans" at home - produced, directed and acted out by The Krishnans.

02 August 2006 & 03 August 2006 - the days/nights when we had a rerun of "Sleepless in Hongkong" at home - produced, directed and acted out by The Krishnans.

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