02 August, 2006

Carnivore turns Herbivore - u think ??? !!!!

Appu has been certified the "carnivore" of the house. Not that no one other than her has non vegetarian food. Me and Vic too eat non-veg occasionally - when we eat out. But Appu is a different story altogether.

She sees a McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut or even one of the Chinese barbequed meat stores and her salivary glands start working overtime. I guess she has visions of chicken wings, prawns, shrimps and what have you floating all around her.

I vividly remember an incident a couple of months back, when we had been to Pizza Hut in the evening. There was a huge crowd outside waiting for earlier patrons to leave so that they could get a table. We had all finished and were waiting for Appu to finish what was on her plate. And what was on her plate ??? A jumbo prawn !!! And the nibbles she was giving the prawn would have put ants to shame !!! We actually had to give her a deadline else high probability we would have got hustled out of there. That was how long she was taking with that prawn :-))

This, coming from a kid who, during the her toddler and pre-school days refused to eat anything other than Curd Rice !!

Over the past month or so, Appu has been going around telling us "I am going to stop eating non-veg. I am going to eat only vegetarian food" and as an addendum "Mummy - eggs are veg right ?" :-)) All seemed well until she got a couple of invitations to her friends' birthday parties at McDonalds. Oh Oh !! What a Dharam Sankat !!

She then gave up her complete commitment towards turning into a herbivore and said "I'm still going to eat veg food only OK hmmmmm but only sometimes, only sometimes Ok I'll have to eat non-veg you know - my friends invite me for birthday parties I cannot not go right".

Now her predicament has worsened ever since a branch of KFC has opened right under her very nose - at the shopping mall attached to our apartment complex. Everytime she goes for her violin lessons she has to actually walk past a bustling KFC with the tantalizing smell of chicken wings invading her olfactory senses.

Finally - there it was !!!!

"Can we go over to KFC for lunch or dinner ?"

I asked her "Were you not going to turn veg. I thought I heard you saying something to that effect."

That sheepish smile was very evident but she recovered fast.

"But I said I'll eat non-veg sometimes Mummy. And so far I've eaten in KFC in Kowloon Bay only. I want to see if the chicken here in this KFC is as good as the one in Kowloon Bay".

Well Well !!!

The matter, needless to say, is under consideration :-)))

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