22 August, 2006

Baymani Baymani !!

No No - I'm not about to launch into one of those Ambi Anna or Kitcha Anna episodes -the ones that sing the saga of nicknames that Tambrams (Tamil Brahmins) assign themselves and others. This post has nothing to do with any "Mani Mama".

Baymani is none other than Appu !!

For Appu, burping is an art that she has only recently managed to master. When she was younger, when she needed to burp, Appu would throw up - everything that happens to be in her tummy then.

When she was a toddler - the "Throw Up" response used to automatically kick in - bodily reflex I guess. There would be no warning of any sort. And invariably, as though it was some kind of Murphy's Law in action, such events would occur on days when the floor sported that "freshly mopped" look.

As she grew, she learnt to give us advance notice so that we could take her over to the bathroom in time. Most of the times we did manage to make it to the bathroom on time. The other times, well .............

And her way of saying that she wanted to burp - I mean throw up - was again quite unique as was her Aashomein and the other stuff.

She used to say "Bay is coming".

Bay meaning Burp meaning "you know what" !!

And these "Bay is coming" incidents used to happen fairly frequently (it obviously would - everytime one wants to burp if one ends up doing "Bay" then it would be a rather frequent occurance) - so much so that Appu ended up being christened "Baymani".

We actually used to call her that in jest !! What wicked parents :-) !!!

Childhood habits die hard and until recently, Bay was called Bay by Baymani !! Period.

This fragment of her toddler days had gotten filed in my memory banks and I kind of retrieved the mental file today morning.

Baymani has been having a slightly congested chest over the past couple of days and some of that phlegm which had accumulated in the chest was in the process of being expelled.

After she was through, Baymani, fairly sheepishly, walked up to me and said "Mummy I just vomited".

"Vomited" !!!!!

"Vomited ??????" I asked her.

"Yeah Mummy - vomited !!" she said.

"You did not do Bay" I asked her - not willing to let her off the hook so easily :-)

Got a huge grin in response to that and a nod of the head in the negative.

"No Mummy - not Bay - I vomited" she said softly and then fled.

Baymani is growing up !!!!!!

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