12 August, 2006

Abhay and the Ice Cream Cone

Yesterday, Appu and Vic wanted icecreams after dinner. So Vic had his usual Magnum and Appu had a Drumstick Cone.

Normally when Vic has a Magnum Abhay helps him finish off the yummy chocolate covering on it. After he was through there, he saw Appu eating a cone. His expression was so pitiable that I gave him a Drumstick as well.

Once it was opened, I guess he found it a little too much - so on and on he went with a spoon - spooning out the ice cream and spooning it into my mouth.

Finally the cone had gotten quite small and with that satisfied look of a job well done he said "Please give me".

He took the cone from me and went and perched on one of the dining chairs.

The time was around 9.30 pm.

On and on it went - I was beginning to get tired just looking at him.

In the meanwhile, I'd taken him to the bathroom (he left the cone on a bowl on the dining table with repeated reassurances from us that no one else would finish it off while he was in the bathroom), changed his clothes, put on his pajamas - but the icecream - oh it was still very much there.

He sure was taking his time with it.

Exasperatingly little bites and finally finally (thank god for small mercies) he finished it around 11 pm.

That reminds me, I have to check the Guinness Book of World Records - just to see whom he was competing with yesterday under the category "Longest time taken to eat an icecream cone".

By the time he slept yesterday, it was quarter to midnight !!

But he did go off to sleep with a very satisfied expression on his little face :-)

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Sex Indian Style said...


Loved to read yours and your husbands blog... bboth are good i guess.. feel good that indian is and indian at heart no matter what ever happen where ever the indian goes he or she makes an little india over there.. i quote in HUM TUM, " If I dont know the french language, I will teach him Hindi" ,,,.. which is my language...... so continmue bloggging.... seems your following blogs of all moms or housewives.. best of luck in life