10 July, 2006

Want to Piss !!!! (Oh Please !!)

January 2006
Pretty funny – downright hilarious – depends on the situation. I am not talking about a comedy show on the telly – I’m describing Abhay’s attempts at stringing words into sentences.

We have been dinning it into Abhay’s head that whenever he wants something he has to say Please. Now comes the pronunciation bit – he pronounces Please and it kind of sounds like Piss – no kidding !!

The other day we had been to a friend’s place to visit her 3 month old baby. Some of her elder son’s toys were lying around on the ledge. Among them was a big red caaiisshh (car in Abhayism).

Now this guy is a big Lattooo when it comes to anything on wheels. He was staring at that car eyes bright with anticipation. Unfortunately for him no one paid attention. Not the hosts, not dad and least of all not mom. In fact mom was actually hoping he would shift his attention from the car onto something else. But that was not to be.

Forced to put his linguistic abilities to the test he looks at my friend’s husband and says

“Want to Piss”

I did not believe I heard that right. And sure enough – he said it again and again and again. My friend’s hubby was looking quite mortified – he quite plainly did not know what to do and the poor fellow did not have an inkling as to what this was all about.

As for Mom and Dad, we really were bursting at our seams with laughter but stifling it seemed to be the best option at that point of time.

Abhay has now come a long way from saying “Want to Piss” – in fact among the first things we worked on was making his “Please” sound like “Please”.

His “Please” now sounds like “peas”

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