25 July, 2006

A trip down memory lane

Yesterday was Appu's fifth swimming session. She was having trouble paddling with her legs. Could be just a question of getting the coordination right or could have been due to the fall that she had on Saturday.

Anywayz... as I watched her from the parents' enclosure, my mind drifted idly down memory lane .... to the days when Appu had just begun kindergarten.

Appu was a late speaker and during her pre-kindergarten days she had developed a unique kind of language which consisted of words like "aashomein" "kinkayu" "ouch patla" "ouch ouch" and so on ..... The aashomein and kinkayu stayed with her well into her KG years. Whenever anyone asked her anything she would invariably respond with a "aashomein" or it would be followed by a "kinkayu". To date, we have not been able to figure out what those words meant.

When I had taken her to the kindergarten for her "interview" with the principal (a pre-admission requirement), the principal asked her "Aparna do you want to read a book ?" I held my breath and sure enough there it was "AAshomein" "Aashomein" she said. The principal just assumed that Aparna was speaking in her mother tongue. She could not have been farther away from the truth .....

Then there was her first day at kindergarten, when, like a true Saggitarian, she dropped her glass of milk on one of her teachers' feet and then like a teletubby pranced around saying "ouch ouch" "ouch ouch".

Talking of teletubbies, they were her favourites. Really dont know what she saw in them or for that matter what Abhay sees in them (he still watches them occasionally). The only thing those tubbies say is "Aw Aw" in that awfully nasal accent. One night - or rather - wee hours of the morning - I woke up only to realise that Appu was missing - rather she was not lying next to me. I woke up with a pounding heart only to find her running in circles on the carpet with one hand raised like those teletubbies and muttering Aw Aw Aw Aw - all this while still half asleep. Sure enuff, we took the cue and from then on viewing of teletubbies was restricted to just half hour a day.

Then came the Barney craze - I remember days when she used to wake up at 2 am and more such weird hours asking for Barney. Couple of times I remember (ugh ugh) we even obliged.

Then came the Tweenies phase. No wake up calls at night though.

As I looked at her having fun in the water, all these flashed across my eyes like a film reel been replayed.

One particular incident made me laugh quite loudly - drawing some weird looks from other parents around.

I kind of snapped back to earth when I saw her waving wildly from the water - to say she was going to be out of the water.

Picked up the bag, took her over to shower and shampoo and life went on .........

It had been a sweet one hour of musing .........

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