10 July, 2006

Towngas is on fire !!

January 2006
It was really cold and pretty early in the morning …...

…….. and Appu was having her shower to get ready for school.

Suddenly as though in a trance she closed her eyes (I later realised that she was trying to nap thru her shower), swayed a couple of times and opened her eyes. A couple of seconds later her eyes grew as wide as saucers and she suddenly exclaimed “Mummy Mummy Towngas is on fire – a really high fire”.

I was still trying to get my bearings – seriously wondering if she was having “visions” – that too so early in the morning …… and then it dawned on me ……….

The flames in the gas heater in the bathroom were really high and the gas heater is a TOWNGAS heater.

It is a good thing HK does not have “GOBAR GAS”.

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