10 July, 2006

That day at the supermarket

This happened a few months back

I had been shopping at the supermarket with both my kids. Appu was prancing about right in front of the trolley (don’t ask me why – its always like that) and Abhay was perched on the trolley (it better be like that).

We first went thru the veggie section, then the fruits and later on to the other aisles. There was this section where there were clocks on display (they were being offered as a promo alongwith some other product) – sure enuff – Abhay goes “Adhu COCK” (he is yet to realise that there is an “l” to it as well) and immediately Appu says “Abhay adhu not COCK – that is a C”l”ock).

Big Mistake !!!!

He yells with double the lungpower “Adhu Cock” and very innocently Appu tried to correct him again “Not cock Abhay CLOCK” and this went on ….

And amused onlookers were aplenty. Some of them were even heard saying “How cute”. I am not sure I heard them right cos my ears were all but burning.

My face, in the meanwhile, was turning all shades of red – I guess it finally stopped somewhere at Beet Red cos it could not have gone any further.

Finished off the rest of my shopping and got out of the supermarket on the double.

I did remember reading one such episode posted by another parent quite a while back and I do remember being in splits. But little did I realise that it would bounce right back at me.

And I completely agree with what the other parent had said

“Thank God they don’t have f”l”ags on display in the supermarkets”.

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