31 July, 2006

The Table Tennis Tournament

Last Saturday (29th July) was the Table Tennis Tournament Day at Vic's office. China Office - to be specific.

Vic has always been good at Table Tennis. We have played quite a lot of Table Tennis over the years and like I said in one of my earlier posts, hope to catch up on that this coming weekend.

Going down memory lane, I remember, even during the early days of our marriage (read honeymoon :-)) we used to be found in the Table Tennis room of The Resort (please no pun intended :-)) In fact, one day Vic played a best-of-three-game match with a Russian (who was also a guest at the resort) and my hubby won hands down.

We even used to play pool then, though now pool playing has turned into a game with virtual cues - on the internet.

Last year, it was a badminton tournament and this year it was Table Tennis at Vic's office.

Am not going to go into details about the first round, second round opponents etc cos I get confused with their names even now.

And my Darling Husband (dressed in all black) was a finalist and runner up. Three Cheers hubby darling !!

So, next weekend, I have a table tennis date with a TT champion (of sorts :-))))))))

Ha ha - just could not resist that one :-)

Abhi to next week ko meri dhulaee hone wali hai !!!!

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