12 July, 2006

Penchant for the wardrobe

Abhay had fallen into a weird (guess not so weird from a kids point of view) of getting into the wardrobe and plonking himself in there.

Happened a few months back actually - this guy was nowhere to be seen. Thank God houses in HK aren't large. We were having a tough time finding where this guy was inside of a 900 sq ft house.

Guess where he was - well no two guesses on this one - given the opening sentence.

He was comfortably sitting inside the wardrobe exploring the wires and multiplugs which were stored in a box on the floor of the wardrobe. But he sure was having trouble with getting the box fully open........

.............. why ???? ..............

........... cos he was sitting on that very box.

There he is - our very own shekchilli !!

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