12 July, 2006

Parasailing in Pattaya

The other day Appu was sitting with Vic when he was watching BBC. They happened to be showing people going parasailing.

That was when Vic told Appu

"You know Appu, much before you were born, me and your mom used to go on holidays and on one such holiday both of us went parasailing"

Her curiosity piqued, she wanted to know more. How, how long does it take, how was it, were u scared ..............

Vic told her that we have the whole thing on videotape and later that afternoon we dug out that video and played it out for her to watch.

She sat thru it wide-eyed, with an amazed expression on her normally serious face.

The other day, she wanted to see that video again. But madam had forgotten the name of the place where we had gone parasailing.

She came up to me and said

"mummy can i watch that video again please"

I asked her which one

She said "the one I saw two days ago"

I asked her to be specific

Appu said "the one in which you and dad went to the pagoda on a parachute"

"To the Pagoda on a parachute ?????!!!!!"

Trust me - I'm having a tough time even typing this out - cos I'm still laughing so hard ............

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