12 July, 2006

Of Skipping Ropes and Hula Hoops

When we take the kids to the park to play, we normally arm ourselves with tissues, wet tissues, cloth towels and of course, the lifesaving (our lives I mean) water bottles.

Over the past month or so, however, the ever expanding "things to take to park" umbrella has had to accomodate a ball, skipping rope and a hula hoop. This is because most of the friends Appu used to play with in the park have gone off for holidays to India.

Appu's taken to skipping after more or less having mastered using the hula hoop.

And I've been watching Abhay watching Appu with her skipping rope and the hoop. Until finally he made his move ......

Now she gets the hula hoop - he wants it. She gets the skipping rope - he wants it.

He's really "figured" out what to do with the hoop :-)) and what does he do - he holds it around his waist and goes round and round with the hoop :-)

With the skipping rope, however, he is all at sea. Aside of tripping over it, he has not accomplished much. One day, I sure hope to catch him all wound up in the skipping rope, having a nice time trying to extricate himself.

And is mummy planning on helping - No No - mummy is planning on being there with a camera for a "candid picture".

Till then, its going to be "what monkey see, monkey do !!"

Or rather, "What monkey do, monkey see and monkey do".

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