12 July, 2006

Of Iron Supplements and ....

I was taking out one of my capsules (an iron supplement) from its foil pack and the ever curious Appu wanted to know what it was.

I said "Thats an iron supplement"

"Supplement" ?? - the resultant frown on that face almost ended up knitting her brows together.

I said "yeah - cos the iron levels in my body are low so the doctor has asked me to take these medicines so as to build up the iron levels"

I could literally "hear" the wheels in her head cranking and turning.

Then she says " So you are going to be eating iron " ?

I said " hmmm yeah you could say that "

A smile later she says "Mummy once you do that make sure you dont go near the fridge else you'll get stuck on to the magnets on the fridge door"

Yeah Yeah - I was having my leg pulled :-) .....

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