10 July, 2006

Lakshmi, Durga, Saraswati and ......

The other day, we had received a email - a picture of Goddesses Laksmi, Saraswati and Durga.

As is normally the case, Abhay hopped on to my lap as soon as I switched the PC on and was staring wide-eyed at the picture once it was downloaded.

As he was showing a lot of interest in the picture, I decided to test the waters and told him

"Abhay Idhu Ummachi" (Ummachi = God in baby Tamil Language)

"Adhu Ummachi Nanana" (Nanana = Narayana) said Abhay

"Idhu Lakshmi"

"Adhu Lachmi"

"Idhu Durga"

"Adhu Durga"

"Idhu Saraswati"

"Adhu sarashtathi"

Illai Kanna "Idhu Saraswati"

"Adhu Sarashvathithi"

Abhay "Say Saraswati"


In the picture, Goddess Durga was shown sitting on her vahana - the tiger. Pointing to the tiger, I asked Abhay

"Abhay Idhu Ennathu" ? (Abhay what is this) ?

Pat came the reply

"Adhu Simba"
"Ammai Adhu Simba"

Oh sweet innocence !!

And sure enough, a moment later, he claps his hand on both sides of his cheeks and goes “Oh My Gott” (he pronounces God as Gott)

Adhu Tiger – That’s a tiger !!

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