10 July, 2006

Holy Mokisto !!

The other Abhay was watching the Disney channel on the telly and in his hand was a chocolate chip cookie. I was sitting next to him just to make sure he did not stuff the entire biscuit into his mouth and then gag on it.

Just about to take a huge bite of chocolate chip cookie and Abhay stopped short. Now only something of gargantuan proportions can make him hesitate when it comes to biting off a choc chip cookie. But in this case it was something small, tiny in fact.

He froze and then goes

“Ammai – Adho Embu Embu”
“Ammai – Adho Embu – Ant Ant”

And sure enough, there was something insecty perched on his little leg. But it was not an ant it was the infamous mosquito.

Quite alarmed at the sight of a mosquito sitting on his leg, I, needless to say, swished at it and it flew away before my hand could get within a mile of it.

But true to its nature, it settled down on his leg again and this time I got it. When I picked up the moskie in a tissue I found Abhay looking at me, his face alight with curiosity.

I showed him the mosquito in the tissue and told him “Abhay this is a mosquito”.

Sure enuff, pat came the reply “Adhu Mokisto” “That’s a Mokisto”.

And he has been calling it that ever since …….

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