26 July, 2006

Harry killed me !!

This was the incident that made me laugh out aloud that day during the swimming session.

Appu's linguistic abilities began to grow exponentially once she started kindergarten. Just a month into KG and she was talking nineteen to a dozen. The occasional confusion was on account of the fact that the spoken language in school was only English and at home it was sometimes English and sometimes Talayalam (a mixture of Tamil and Malayalam that Palakkad Iyers speak). So Appu used to end up speaking something like TaGlish (Talayalam + English).

One day, while she was having lunch after having gotten back from school, she suddenly got all animated and said "Mummy Mummy today Harry killed me". Harry was a much bigger boy in their class. I really did not know what to make of it and she did not elaborate further either. Relegating that to a "whim" of some kind the issue ended there.

The next day again "Mummy Harry killed me again today".

I asked her "If Harry killed you at school, how come you are sitting here right in front of me and having your lunch now ?" :-)

"No Mummy - Harry really killed me" she said.

Then I told her to show me How Harry had "killed" her and she promptly pinched me.


In Talayalam, the translation of pinching is "Killaradhu"

Basically - Pinch in English = Killu in Talayalam.

And then it dawned on me ............

Appu did not know the word pinch but she did know the word Killu. So she substituted the word pinch with the word Killu and ended up with ........

Harry "Killed" Me !!!!

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