10 July, 2006

Happy Birthday Aparna !!

30th November 2005

Our little girl completes 6 years of age today. She turns 7. No cliches – but it is to true – time absolutely flies.

Seems like just yesterday – I so very vividly remember her face when she came into this world. Of those too, there are two things which I remember thinking then –

1) Oh My God !! Her eyes are wide open.

2) Where in the name of God is all the hair on top of her head. She was born completely bald.

And that little mite is now turning 7.

We packed up a lot of candy bags yesterday for Appu to take to school for all her friends in class.

Once all the packing was done – we stacked all the loot bags up in a huge bag and that was when Madam realised that it would be a little too heavy for her to carry on her own.

Looking a bit sheepish (cos she was the one who had insisted that she would be OK carrying it off to school by herself) she asked “Mummy can u please come to school tomorrow – I cannot carry this all the way to school”

So Mom obliged and Mom and Appu went off to school today. In the bus, all that Mom got from Appu was one little sheepish, embarrassed grin and that was that. After than – it was “Do I know you” ? looks all the way to school.

Made me wonder – when they are little – they create a huge fuss over just about anything or nothing, they throw tantrums, they are capable of throwing up all over you in public and of course doing much worse things – in short – they embarrass us.

And now we embarrass them – just by being around them when they are with their friends !!

When is it that the line gets crossed from being “the embarrassed ones” to “the embarrassing ones” ??

But then, it did take me back Down Memory Lane – to the days when my mom used to come to school armed with my lunch box. And the embarrassment that used to wash over me then – cos most of the other kids used to carry their own lunch boxes.

Well, from being “the embarrassed” to “the embarrassing ones” – in a lot of ways – seems to be the cycle of life !!

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