10 July, 2006

GoAwayAppa !!

One of the established routines for Abhay is to sit down with Dad (Appa) for morning prayers.

And then Dad says “Amma kitta chollu nee enna panninai” (Tell Mummy what you did just now) and Abhay walks (rather runs – he still has not figured out how to walk) over to me with a huge smile and my customary question goes “Nee Enna Panninai” ? (What did you do ?) and he normally says

Ummachi Nanana (Ummachi Narayana)

Ummachi is what small children say for God in Talayalam.

It goes “Ummachi Narayana Guruvayoorappa”

Normally Abhay stops at Ummachi NaNaNa

The other day he decided to go one step further and said

“Ummachi NaNaNa GoAwayAppa”

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