10 July, 2006

Does God eat fish ??

We had six baby fishes in the aquarium at home for the past 2-3 months. They had been feeding well, growing well when, due to a sudden change in weather, four of the fishes fell sick.The usual antibiotic drops did not work and as luck would have it, all four of them died.

Aparna was quite glum that evening and even refused an outing to the park.The other two fishes seemed OK that evening but when we looked at the aquarium the next morning they were sick too.

By the time Aparna got back from school in the afternoon, the remaining two fishes were dead as well.

That night as I was putting her to bed, Aparna suddenly asked me

"Where did our fishes go after they died" ?"

Well......ummm....when people die they go to heaven"

"What happens then Mom" ?

"Well Appu, you see, when God takes someone to heaven, he takes good care of them"

"But Mom - tell me - when we eat fish - it is already dead - is it not" ?

"Yep Appu - they die before they are cooked"

"Mom - Does God eat fish" ?

"Well Appu - honestly - no - God does not eat fish"

"Well then Mom - hmmmm - let me think OK .........."

"Yeah yeah Mom - I wanted to ask - then what does God do with dead fish"

"Well Appu - I'm sure He takes good care of them"

"Ok baby - good nite to you - sleep tight OK - u've got to get up early tomorrow - got school remember"

Appu (*yawn*) - hmmm Good nite Mom

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