10 July, 2006

The day emails started using the toilet

Right from the her babyhood days, whenever she needs to use the toilet, Appu using one of her now infamous Appuisms always says “I’m urgent” “I’m urgent”.

Now madam has grown up into all of 6 years but the “I’m urgent” still rules.

The other day she was waiting for me to finish my work on the PC so that she could log on to her school website. Kept on asking me “Mummy have you finished your work” “Mummy have you finished ……..”.

I had a couple of emails to be sent out rightaway and whilst in the middle of composing one of those I told her “Appu just wait for a few minutes. I have an urgent email to send”.

Pat came the question

“Urgent. Does that mean your email has to go to the toilet ?”

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