11 July, 2006

Creating music notes at Parsons Music

23rd April 2006

Aparna had her violin lessons scheduled for 9.15 am. I had gone over to Parsons Music to drop her off and needless to say, Abhay was with me too. After Aparna had gone in for her violin lessons, me and Abhay went over to the park where he had his breakfast that day and later on went on to play for a while.

Soon it was nearing 10 am - time to fetch Aparna from Parsons Music classes. We went over there and found that Appu was not thru with her lessons for the day. Abhay took the initiative and decided to plonk himself on one of the little stools there. The little guy had his lesson at Parsons that day too - called "How to balance yourself on a stool and what happens when you dont". One loud thud as his rump hit the floor and an even louder bang as his head met the glass wall on the side - Parsons was having a totally different set of music notes that Sunday.

Needless to say, a few milliseconds later came the blaring of bassoons and trumpets, albeit of a different kind !!

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