29 July, 2006

Crayon Crayon where are you ?

Since Vic bought him a new box of crayons, Abhay has been treating his crayon/pencil box like some kind of a treaure chest.

Last night, as the kids got ready for bed, he insisted on carrying a crayon to bed. He took his time and finally selected a brown crayon as his bedtime companion. Atleast he could not smear this on his head !!

Lights were off, and all of a sudden Abhay stands up on his mattress and starts to say "Uh Oh" "Uh Oh" "Uh Oh"

When I asked him what had happened he says

"Crayon Pochudhu" "Crayon Pochudhu" "Ammai Crayon Pochudhu"

Apparently the crayon had fallen from his hands somewhere on to the mattress and the word "poiduthu" (its gone somewhere) is not part of his vocab yet.

But he does know the word "pochu" (gone away/went away) and I guess he decided to improvise on his existing vocab and get the message across anyways and get across it did !!

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