10 July, 2006

The Christmas Productions

December 2005

Christmas – that time of the year when everything – the shopping malls, the schools, the clubhouse, the buildings, restaurants – get decorated and lit up. That time of the year when everything reminds one of Jingle Bells and Santa Clauses. That time of the year which is said to epitomise “the spirit of giving”. That time of the year when so many windows twinkle festively with lights.

And it is also that time of the year which gives parents the jitters.

No – I am not talking of Christmas gifts. I’m saying this because Christmas is that time of the year when the kindergartens and schools put forth, in right earnest, their “Christmas Productions”.

“In this year’s Xmas Production you child is a Christmas Tree. So could you please send in green trousers, matching green full sleeve Tshirt, brown boots, a decorative star on a headband, and tinsels and other decorations with your child to school by next week”. OR

“Your child has been chosen as a reindeer in this year’s Xmas production. Please send in maroon trousers, brown/green full sleeve Tshirt and a pair of antlers by next week”.

And the list just continues to grow ……………

Weird outfits are in demand and I’m sure what every parent needs is Cinderella’s godmother with a wand.

It reminds me of the Xmas productions Appu has been in so far and the outfits that were “requested” for by the school.

Appu’s class were presenting a song show and were to sing 2 songs to embody the spirit of Christmas. This required the tots to be dressed fully in red. Red skirt, red matching top and black leather boots. It did result in a mad rush to quite a few shops in Kowloon cos though she did have a red skirt, the red top was wanting. Find it on time we did, and all was well.

It just gets better. Appu was a sheep in the nativity play that her class was supposed to be performing. Outfit needed – white trousers, full sleeve fleece white top, sheep’s mask, black gloves and black socks. This time the quest for the outfit was madder than that of last year but we still managed to put it together in time. At the last minute, the teachers decided to do away with the mask. And our little sheep (dressed in all white with black gloves and socks) was so engrossed in watching the play that she forgot to step on to the stage. So the little boy who was supposed to be playing her shepherd (his name was Omar) decided to stay put too. So that year, the audience had in their midst, a little sheep who forgot to get on stage to say “Baa Baa” and a little shepherd who was only too happy to stay put amongst the spectators, along with his sheep.

Primary One
This year Appu was chosen to be an angel. Talk of oxymorons !!!

Fortunately, the white tunic to be worn by the angels (there were 5 of them in all) were stitched by the school. So the only thing parents were asked to send in were tinsels for the hair and the waist. The Xmas production was a huge hit.

It was beautiful.

I still remember the kids giving it their all, just letting their hair down, dancing on stage, singing to their lungs’ content

“Its Christmas, Its Christmas, let everybody sing. Its Christmas Its Christmas, let everybody dance”.

Primary Two
This year Appu’s class is presenting an “Evening of Christmas Songs”. Not too much of a quest for the outfit this time too. Am sure looking forward to their Christmas Choir. Judging by the performance the kids put forth last year, it is going to be a blast this year too.

Theme song “I’m a little Christmas Cracker – I’m a little Christmas Cracker”

Keep em coming kids. Keep em coming …………..

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