10 July, 2006

The Christmas Choir - Primary Twos

16th December 2005
Well, I did attend the Xmas Production of the Primary Twos. It was good. All 150 kids in the P2 level were together on stage and the opening song and the closing ones were sung together.

The in betweens were orchestrated by their respective class teachers. Appu’s teacher Ms. Caroline Willing was looking quite the Santa Claus what with her Santa cap and her outfit and her huge glasses and of course, the now famous “front teeth with the gap in between”.

All the teachers “led” their respective troopers thru their songs. One of the teachers had a scale instead of a baton, another one had a straw. The best of all was Mrs.Bird whose hands shake perpetually – whether or not she is conducting an orchestra. Her hands just kept shaking all over the place.

Once the Xmas Production was over, the kids trooped back to their respective classes and the parents could go over and fetch them. When I went to her class, I saw Appu in tears – Boo Hoo Boo Hoo !! Poor thing was famished and so hungry she burst into tears. Apparently, there was a last minute cancellation of the late snack and drink that the school was going to be providing the children with in view of the late hours.

All the Laguna Citiites came back home together and en route the kids polished off everything that the moms were carrying for them in terms of food and drink.

Another 4 days of school and then come 3 weeks of Xmas holidays !!

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