22 July, 2006

A Bucking Bronco

Yesterday Appu had her fourth session of swimming lessons. Now she is learning to hold her breath underwater and at the same time paddle with her feet.

She had been having trouble bringing her feet up and out of the water and the other day I found her stretched full length on the floor, on her tummy, her face all scrunched up with concentration. And as I watched from the passage (she had not seen me) dhum, dhum, dhum - her legs started going up and down - from the knee downwards.

Later on when I asked her what she was doing she goes "Mummy I have a problem. You see Mummy, my instructor -he tells me to put my head underwater and at the same time bring my legs up and then paddle - one foot after another - but my feet - my feet - they just dont listen to me Mummy"

"How come ?" I asked her and she said

"Either my feet dont come up from the floor of the pool at all or even if they do they want to paddle at the same time".

I have to really hand it to her. She went on practicing till she was satisfied that her legs would indeed "listen" to her once she was in the pool.

In the afternoon I found that the coordination between putting her head underwater and paddling with her feet had definitely improved.

Only, the way she wills her feet off the floor of the pool and up and out of the water did remind me of a bucking bronco :-))

Way to go Appu !! Keep up the good work !!

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