13 July, 2006

Buckets, Mugs and Showerheads

Normally while giving Abhay his shower, I use a bucket and a mug. This has been the practice ...... Its just over the past three days that I've started giving him his shower using the showerhead/handshower. Or rather I'd say it is only over the past three days that he has kind of graduated to having his shower with a hand shower (now - does that not sound kind of grown up :-))) I did like the way that sounded.

Abhay loves to be tickled. Anytime of the day, even before bedtime at night he actually comes to one of us and asks to be tickled. "Please tickle me, please tickle me or sometimes please tickli, please tickli" it goes on and on until one of us obliges .......

We am yet to catch him in the throes of the laughter that results from having been tickled but we do have a picture of a post tickli session. He looks mightly pleased with himself, does he not !!

Another thing he loves to do is play in the water (which kid does not !!)

So now that he has been introduced to the hand shower, it is serving a dual purpose - there's a spray of water which incidentally tickles him.

Shower time now - he sure gets tickled pink !!

Talk about the "two birds with one stone" theory.

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Tharini said...

That's really such a cute and satiated picture of him!