24 July, 2006

Bee or a Bumblebee ??

The other day I was sitting with Abhay while he was reading his word books. I began showing him the alphabets and then followed it up with words beginning with that alphabet - following the phonic method.

A for Apple, Airplane, Avocado - we were doing just fine

"B for Bee" I said

With a fairly quizzical expression on his face he pointed out to the alphabet B and then to the picture of a baby and said "B" ..... "Baby" "Banana" "Book".

So to ease the phonic confusion arising from the alphabet B and the similar sounding Bee, I pointed out to the bee and said "Thats a bumblebee".

He promptly said "Thats a bee"

After a while though, he started to call it a bumboolbee (thats how it sounds when he says it)

A couple of days back, the kids were playing in the park - Abhay was playing on the slides and Aparna was playing badminton with one of her friends. All of a sudden Abhay comes rushing down the steps and towards me. Plants himself in front of me and goes

"Ammai thats a two trees"
"Thats a small tree"
"Thats a big tree"

and off he went again to play.

A few minutes later he came running again - dragged me off to the steps leading to the slides - and with that famous index finger of his, pointed out to a wasp which had perched there and goes

"Thats a bumbum bee" "Thats a bumbum bee".

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