31 July, 2006

Badminton with Appu

Appu has been saying "lets go play badminton" over and over for the past few days. I was quite chicken about it cos of the sprain in my arm which has been steadily getting better over the past few days.

Yesterday, finally, I decided to give my arm a try and me and Appu went to the park for some badminton.

We started playing after much ado and the little madam felt that the breeze was blowing in my favour. So she said "lets change sides". Ok - we changed sides. Played for a while and with every passing minute she was getting better - please read that as the badminton racquet was actually hitting the shuttle cock :-) - gee - I just could not resist that one !!

Then she missed a sitter - and immediately says - shee - you see mummy - there was a dragon fly right there near my racquet you know and I did not want to hit and injure the poor thing !! So ..........

Yeahhhhh Rrrrriiitteeeee !!!!

We resumed our game and while in the middle of it there was a whole barrage of kids on bicycles who went past with two adults following them. And immediately Appu goes "My God Mummy - Five kids in that house - How come they have so many kids ?"

Oh God - I was fervently hoping that the two "adults" following the children had not heard that one.

I immediately called for a water break and gave her her water bottle. Atleast whilst drinking water, she would not open her big mouth and say something or even if she did, it would not be so loud !!

She's sure going to get me beaten up one day if she continues like this. And I've told her that if I see anyone coming after me with a stick after hearing one of her "retorts", I am, immediately, going to disown her :-))

All said and done, we had a good time yesterday.

Next week, me and Vic hope to go play table tennis in the clubhouse.

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