12 July, 2006

The Badminton Adventure

Appu had a fantastic report to bring home from school this year too. Thrilled and extremely happy on her marvelous performance in her Primary Two year at school, and since she loves to read, we got her a whole set of books as a gift.

My First Encyclopedia
100 things you should know about Oceans
100 things you should know about Mammals
100 things you should know about Planet Earth
100 things you should know about Science
100 things you should know about the Human Body
100 things you should know about Weather

Apart from this, when asked, she requested for a badminton kit.

On Saturday, Appu and Vic went off to the park to play badminton. I told them I would follow with Abhay once I got some food into him cos he had not eaten anything much that afternoon.

But when he saw Vic and Appu leaving, he refused to eat anything and just wanted to "go to park". Did not have much choice but to dress him up and take him "to park".

Once there, he played for a while and then started to get cranky - hunger pangs I presume. His crankiness soon got out of hand and I had to get him back home amidst a lot of howls and protests.

I then got back to the park minus Abhay.

By then, Appu too looked all sweaty and tired and she wanted to take a break.

Seizing the opportunity, me and Vic decided to play badminton.

We did, for quite a while, until the shuttlecock decided to go and perch itself on one of the branches of a nearby tree.

In his efforts to get the shuttle down, Vic's racquet too got stuck amongst the branches of the tree.

Now what ?????

We decided to get some tennis balls from home and try throwing those into the branches - since tennis balls are heavy they would fall down and hopefully so would the shuttle and/or the racquet.

I told Vic "I'll take Appu with me upto our block and ask her to go up home and get the tennis balls"

Appu being what she is, with her selective perception mode in full swing heard only this "I'll take Appu with me and ask her to go up and get it".

With an expression on her face that I can only classify as desperate, Appu came up to me and said "mummy Mummy before you do anything can I tell u something"

And then she whispers "Mummy I cannot climb up on that tree to get the racquet and shuttle down"

Once I had stopped laughing, I did eventually get around to explaining that what I wanted was for her to go home and get the tennis balls.

With a sheepish look on her face, she and me set off and very soon we were back in the park with the tennis balls.

Now on one side was the park, the other side was full of bushes and on the third side was a barbeque in full swing.

It so happened that we did throw the tennis balls up but they decided to go over and land among the bushes.

Badminton racquet and shuttle still caught among the branches and now the tennis balls had gone over and fallen into the bushes too.

Vic got hold of some people from the building management office and they sent a couple of security guards to help.

Armed with a wobbly footstool and a long fishing kind of pole the security guard made his way to the park. Once there with a lot of wobbling and shaking (due to lack of balance on the footstool) he finally managed to get the racquet and shuttle down.

Vic then had to wade thru the bushes to get the tennis balls back.

It was an adventure of sorts.

By the time we got back home all hot and sweaty, Abhay had had his dinner and was enjoying the cool draft of the A/C watching Tom and Jerry.

We felt like a bunch of "Toms" actually right then, but what the heck - we enjoyed the adventure !!

I only wish I had had the digicam with me then. Would have got some great shots.

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