10 July, 2006

Baby Gas Oil !!

The other day I was measuring out Waterbury’s Compound for Abhay. He has Waterbury’s Compound every nite and on days when his tummy seems to be acting up a spoon of Gripe Water as well.

Appu saw the Gripe Water bottle and immediately went

“Hey I know that”

“What Appu ?”

“I know what that is Mom”

“What what is Appu ?”

“That bottle there”

“How do you know what that bottle contains ?”

“I just know Mom”

“Do you want me to tell u what that is Mom ?”

“Yeah Appu – tell me – what is that ?”

“That is Baby Gas Oil”

“Whoa Whoa – What was that ?”

Pat came the reply brimming with confidence – “Baby Gas Oil”

Well – move over Caltex and Esso – you’ve got competition ...........

............... From Baby Gas Oil !!

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Tharini said...

That's so cute! She's a riot!