14 July, 2006

Algebra ??? Chemistry !!!!

M square - M raised to the power 2
C square - C raised to the power 2
C cube - C raised to the power 3

What are these ??

a) Weird abbreviations
b) Algebraic equations
c) Chemical equations
d) None of the above

Well, if you guessed (d) you are bang on the dot. Bulls Eye !!!

That is a code language of sorts.

Yesterday after coming back from her friends place Appu said I at a V.I.C there but now I'm hungry again so could you please give me some C cubes ?

We've kind of developed this code language so that Abhay does not understand what its all about.

Cos its all about food - of the junky kind. Now with Abhay when he hears the word chocolate or icecream - he sometimes asks for it right then. And if that happens to coincide with his lunch time or dinner time then we are in for big trouble. Cos he sticks to his guns and says "want chocolate" or "want icecream" and its my turn to say "first lunch/dinner" and then you can have your chocolate or icecream. That again leads to huge and loud howls of protests and tears pouring down his face and what have you.

So we have so far managed to keep him at bay with this code language.

C square - is chocolate cubes (pieces of a slab of chocolate)
C cube - is chocolate chip cookies
IC - icecream
V.I.C - vanilla icecream
C.I.C - chocolate icecream

I guess it wont be long before Appu comes and asks me "Can I please have some CS for my breakfast ?"
i.e Cheese Sandwich

I have to think of an appropriate abbreviation for Butter Sandwich ..... else ..... going by the above abbreviation .........

And Abhay, I think I can say this for sure, when you are old enough to read this blog entry by yourself, the look on your face, when comprehension dawns, is going to be absolutely priceless :-))

2 voice(s) said so:

Tharini said...


Poor guy. I feel a little bad for him! He sure is gonna have his day! :)

Geetu said...

we moms think alike:-) We do the same in our house too and lately Aadi is starting to break our ice cream ,toys r us & chuckey cheese codes;-)so get ready.. it won't be long till he decode that:-)