31 July, 2006

The Table Tennis Tournament

Last Saturday (29th July) was the Table Tennis Tournament Day at Vic's office. China Office - to be specific.

Vic has always been good at Table Tennis. We have played quite a lot of Table Tennis over the years and like I said in one of my earlier posts, hope to catch up on that this coming weekend.

Going down memory lane, I remember, even during the early days of our marriage (read honeymoon :-)) we used to be found in the Table Tennis room of The Resort (please no pun intended :-)) In fact, one day Vic played a best-of-three-game match with a Russian (who was also a guest at the resort) and my hubby won hands down.

We even used to play pool then, though now pool playing has turned into a game with virtual cues - on the internet.

Last year, it was a badminton tournament and this year it was Table Tennis at Vic's office.

Am not going to go into details about the first round, second round opponents etc cos I get confused with their names even now.

And my Darling Husband (dressed in all black) was a finalist and runner up. Three Cheers hubby darling !!

So, next weekend, I have a table tennis date with a TT champion (of sorts :-))))))))

Ha ha - just could not resist that one :-)

Abhi to next week ko meri dhulaee hone wali hai !!!!

Some of Appu's artwork






Badminton with Appu

Appu has been saying "lets go play badminton" over and over for the past few days. I was quite chicken about it cos of the sprain in my arm which has been steadily getting better over the past few days.

Yesterday, finally, I decided to give my arm a try and me and Appu went to the park for some badminton.

We started playing after much ado and the little madam felt that the breeze was blowing in my favour. So she said "lets change sides". Ok - we changed sides. Played for a while and with every passing minute she was getting better - please read that as the badminton racquet was actually hitting the shuttle cock :-) - gee - I just could not resist that one !!

Then she missed a sitter - and immediately says - shee - you see mummy - there was a dragon fly right there near my racquet you know and I did not want to hit and injure the poor thing !! So ..........

Yeahhhhh Rrrrriiitteeeee !!!!

We resumed our game and while in the middle of it there was a whole barrage of kids on bicycles who went past with two adults following them. And immediately Appu goes "My God Mummy - Five kids in that house - How come they have so many kids ?"

Oh God - I was fervently hoping that the two "adults" following the children had not heard that one.

I immediately called for a water break and gave her her water bottle. Atleast whilst drinking water, she would not open her big mouth and say something or even if she did, it would not be so loud !!

She's sure going to get me beaten up one day if she continues like this. And I've told her that if I see anyone coming after me with a stick after hearing one of her "retorts", I am, immediately, going to disown her :-))

All said and done, we had a good time yesterday.

Next week, me and Vic hope to go play table tennis in the clubhouse.

29 July, 2006

Crayon Crayon where are you ?

Since Vic bought him a new box of crayons, Abhay has been treating his crayon/pencil box like some kind of a treaure chest.

Last night, as the kids got ready for bed, he insisted on carrying a crayon to bed. He took his time and finally selected a brown crayon as his bedtime companion. Atleast he could not smear this on his head !!

Lights were off, and all of a sudden Abhay stands up on his mattress and starts to say "Uh Oh" "Uh Oh" "Uh Oh"

When I asked him what had happened he says

"Crayon Pochudhu" "Crayon Pochudhu" "Ammai Crayon Pochudhu"

Apparently the crayon had fallen from his hands somewhere on to the mattress and the word "poiduthu" (its gone somewhere) is not part of his vocab yet.

But he does know the word "pochu" (gone away/went away) and I guess he decided to improvise on his existing vocab and get the message across anyways and get across it did !!

Counting in hundreds

Yesterday Abhay was revising all the numbers he knew. I further wrote down numbers in tens - 10,20,30 and found that he was keeping pace with me. As I wrote 10 he would pipe up "ten" and so it went and when we reached 100 he announced pretty proudly "One hundred" followed by a huge grin which just would not go away.

I decided to try going one step further and started on the hundreds -

100 I wrote and he said "One Hundred"
200 "Thats Two Hundred"
300 "Thats Three Hundred"

and so it went until I finally got to writing

1000 - he did not as much as bat an eyelid and there came a prompt reply

"Thats Ten Hundred"

28 July, 2006

Head Shoulders Knees and Toes

"Head Shoulders Knees and Toes,
Knees and Toes, Knees and Toes
Head Shoulders Knees and Toes,
Eyes Ears Mouth and Nose"

This is the nursery rhyme that has got Abhay tied up in knots right now. By itself, the rhyme is quite innocuous but when it comes to pointing out to the head, shoulders etc whilst singing the rhyme, he gets all confused.

Yesterday he was singing this rhyme and he seemed to have decided on a variation. All of sudden, while in the middle of this rhyme, he points out to his tummy and says "Adhu Tummy" and a few milliseconds later turns around, points out to his rear end and says "Adhu Bummy" ............. and this was followed by what I can only describe as a bout of unstoppable laughter.

Not to be outdone, a few seconds later, I heard Appu's quip - she points towards me and says

"Ay Abhay Adhu Mummy". See it all rhymes man - "Tummy, Bummy and Mummy".

Talk about comics ...........

.......... we seem to have two naturals at home !!!!!

27 July, 2006

Numbers Numbers One Two Three .....

When we tried to teach Abhay to recognise numbers, we found that he was not particularly interested in learning it the traditional way - with the books or with a number chart. He just would not sit still enough to concentrate on the task on hand.

The situation called for some innovative ideas and my MIL had a sudden burst of inspiration. She used bowling pins to teach him to recognise numbers.

Sure enough, it worked !!!!

Abhay's fleet ........

Is it any wonder then that the whole living room, at times, looks like one big parking lot !!!!!!!!!!!

Move Over Brylcreem .........

Yesterday was Appu's sixth swimming session and come bedtime she was complaining of aching calves (calf muscles - it is better that I be specific). She wanted me to put some Vicks and sure enough, Abhay plonked himself on the mattress too saying "Bicks Menam".

Once both of them had their legs Bicksed (I've heard of legs being waxed - but legs being bicksed !!!) Abhay took the bottle of Vicks and put it back where it belonged. I excused myself and went off to the bathroom to wash my hands and little did I know that he had taken the bottle of Vicks back from the shelf. Now he knows that the first thing I would do when I got back into the bedroom is to turn the lights off ..... so much the better for him.

Both Appu and Abhay were on their respective mattresses goofing around for a while and all of a sudden, akin to throwing a switch, Appu was fast asleep and snoring softly.

I was just lying there waiting for Abhay to go off to sleep and he chose just that time to practice his rhymes, numbers and what have you. I could smell Vicks all along but just assumed that since I had applied Vicks on their legs, the smell persisted.

Today morning when I was brushing his teeth, I could still smell Vicks on him. Now how could that happen ?? It was then that I noticed his hair standing out in spikes on top of his head and towards the sides of his head they were kind of plastered to his scalp.

Oh Yes !!!!!

He had been busy applying Bicks all over his head last night whilst I thought he was busy with his rhymes. Talk about red herrings !!!!

Just to have it on record, after he had his milk in the morning, he had his picture taken - that too a profile - looks like one of those "Wanted" pictures.

There he is - a very very "Bicksed Up" Abhay !!!

26 July, 2006

Harry killed me !!

This was the incident that made me laugh out aloud that day during the swimming session.

Appu's linguistic abilities began to grow exponentially once she started kindergarten. Just a month into KG and she was talking nineteen to a dozen. The occasional confusion was on account of the fact that the spoken language in school was only English and at home it was sometimes English and sometimes Talayalam (a mixture of Tamil and Malayalam that Palakkad Iyers speak). So Appu used to end up speaking something like TaGlish (Talayalam + English).

One day, while she was having lunch after having gotten back from school, she suddenly got all animated and said "Mummy Mummy today Harry killed me". Harry was a much bigger boy in their class. I really did not know what to make of it and she did not elaborate further either. Relegating that to a "whim" of some kind the issue ended there.

The next day again "Mummy Harry killed me again today".

I asked her "If Harry killed you at school, how come you are sitting here right in front of me and having your lunch now ?" :-)

"No Mummy - Harry really killed me" she said.

Then I told her to show me How Harry had "killed" her and she promptly pinched me.


In Talayalam, the translation of pinching is "Killaradhu"

Basically - Pinch in English = Killu in Talayalam.

And then it dawned on me ............

Appu did not know the word pinch but she did know the word Killu. So she substituted the word pinch with the word Killu and ended up with ........

Harry "Killed" Me !!!!

25 July, 2006

A trip down memory lane

Yesterday was Appu's fifth swimming session. She was having trouble paddling with her legs. Could be just a question of getting the coordination right or could have been due to the fall that she had on Saturday.

Anywayz... as I watched her from the parents' enclosure, my mind drifted idly down memory lane .... to the days when Appu had just begun kindergarten.

Appu was a late speaker and during her pre-kindergarten days she had developed a unique kind of language which consisted of words like "aashomein" "kinkayu" "ouch patla" "ouch ouch" and so on ..... The aashomein and kinkayu stayed with her well into her KG years. Whenever anyone asked her anything she would invariably respond with a "aashomein" or it would be followed by a "kinkayu". To date, we have not been able to figure out what those words meant.

When I had taken her to the kindergarten for her "interview" with the principal (a pre-admission requirement), the principal asked her "Aparna do you want to read a book ?" I held my breath and sure enough there it was "AAshomein" "Aashomein" she said. The principal just assumed that Aparna was speaking in her mother tongue. She could not have been farther away from the truth .....

Then there was her first day at kindergarten, when, like a true Saggitarian, she dropped her glass of milk on one of her teachers' feet and then like a teletubby pranced around saying "ouch ouch" "ouch ouch".

Talking of teletubbies, they were her favourites. Really dont know what she saw in them or for that matter what Abhay sees in them (he still watches them occasionally). The only thing those tubbies say is "Aw Aw" in that awfully nasal accent. One night - or rather - wee hours of the morning - I woke up only to realise that Appu was missing - rather she was not lying next to me. I woke up with a pounding heart only to find her running in circles on the carpet with one hand raised like those teletubbies and muttering Aw Aw Aw Aw - all this while still half asleep. Sure enuff, we took the cue and from then on viewing of teletubbies was restricted to just half hour a day.

Then came the Barney craze - I remember days when she used to wake up at 2 am and more such weird hours asking for Barney. Couple of times I remember (ugh ugh) we even obliged.

Then came the Tweenies phase. No wake up calls at night though.

As I looked at her having fun in the water, all these flashed across my eyes like a film reel been replayed.

One particular incident made me laugh quite loudly - drawing some weird looks from other parents around.

I kind of snapped back to earth when I saw her waving wildly from the water - to say she was going to be out of the water.

Picked up the bag, took her over to shower and shampoo and life went on .........

It had been a sweet one hour of musing .........

24 July, 2006

Bee or a Bumblebee ??

The other day I was sitting with Abhay while he was reading his word books. I began showing him the alphabets and then followed it up with words beginning with that alphabet - following the phonic method.

A for Apple, Airplane, Avocado - we were doing just fine

"B for Bee" I said

With a fairly quizzical expression on his face he pointed out to the alphabet B and then to the picture of a baby and said "B" ..... "Baby" "Banana" "Book".

So to ease the phonic confusion arising from the alphabet B and the similar sounding Bee, I pointed out to the bee and said "Thats a bumblebee".

He promptly said "Thats a bee"

After a while though, he started to call it a bumboolbee (thats how it sounds when he says it)

A couple of days back, the kids were playing in the park - Abhay was playing on the slides and Aparna was playing badminton with one of her friends. All of a sudden Abhay comes rushing down the steps and towards me. Plants himself in front of me and goes

"Ammai thats a two trees"
"Thats a small tree"
"Thats a big tree"

and off he went again to play.

A few minutes later he came running again - dragged me off to the steps leading to the slides - and with that famous index finger of his, pointed out to a wasp which had perched there and goes

"Thats a bumbum bee" "Thats a bumbum bee".

22 July, 2006

No No Mummy Not Now !!!

This happened a few months back actually but just came to mind and I decided to pen it down.

We'd been experiencing a roach problem. Another flat on our floor was being renovated and the roachy residents of that apartment were out seeking new premises to reside in.

Appu was in the bathroom in the morning and suddenly she starts screaming - "ow ow ow - Aaaaarrrgghhhhhhhhh" and came flying out of the bathroom. "There's a roach in the bathroom mummy there's a roach in the bathroom" .

When I went into the bathroom with a canister of Raid, I did indeed find a microscopic, miniscule version of the roach. It looked quite stunned cos it was not moving - highly possible that it was a sonic stun.

I was just about to spray it with Raid - just to make sure that the roach makes its way into the other world - when Appu says "No No Mummy Not Now"

"What ? Why ? " I asked her

"No Mummy - looks like the roach is getting some rest now. So why cant we let it rest for some time. We can spray it when it starts to run again !!! "

One thing is for sure - Appu is not going to grow up to be a pest exterminator !!!

Amma Bicks Podhuva .........

Like I said earlier, it was a pretty strenous day at swimming and at night as she got ready for bed, Appu complained of aches in her legs. She asked me "Mummy can you please put Vicks for me ?"

Now it so happens that Abhay is a great fan of anything that can be smeared over one's body - be it vaseline, vicks (he calls it Bicks), calamine lotion - anything .....

Sometimes I think of how it is in India - before prayers - vibhuti is generally smeared over the head in four broad strokes as well as on the arm, chest and what have you. Had he seen someone doing that high probability that he would have smeared himself with vibhuti from head to toe.

I got the Vicks bottle from the medicine drawer and when I got to the bedroom was I in for a surprise ???

There they were - both of them - sitting on their respective mattresses - with their pajamas pulled up to their knees. And then Abhay tells me "Amma Bicks Podhuva" and just to be sure that I was going to smear some Vicks on his legs he goes "Amma Vicks Podharen - Amma Vicks Podharen"....

My sister-in-law is another big fan of Vicks Vaporub and judging by the way Appu and Abhay are taking to Vicks too - shouldn't be long before Procter & Gamble decide to give us a family discount :-)) !!!!!

A Bucking Bronco

Yesterday Appu had her fourth session of swimming lessons. Now she is learning to hold her breath underwater and at the same time paddle with her feet.

She had been having trouble bringing her feet up and out of the water and the other day I found her stretched full length on the floor, on her tummy, her face all scrunched up with concentration. And as I watched from the passage (she had not seen me) dhum, dhum, dhum - her legs started going up and down - from the knee downwards.

Later on when I asked her what she was doing she goes "Mummy I have a problem. You see Mummy, my instructor -he tells me to put my head underwater and at the same time bring my legs up and then paddle - one foot after another - but my feet - my feet - they just dont listen to me Mummy"

"How come ?" I asked her and she said

"Either my feet dont come up from the floor of the pool at all or even if they do they want to paddle at the same time".

I have to really hand it to her. She went on practicing till she was satisfied that her legs would indeed "listen" to her once she was in the pool.

In the afternoon I found that the coordination between putting her head underwater and paddling with her feet had definitely improved.

Only, the way she wills her feet off the floor of the pool and up and out of the water did remind me of a bucking bronco :-))

Way to go Appu !! Keep up the good work !!

15 July, 2006

One Slippery Customer

I took Abhay in for his shower today morning and like I said earlier, he was having fun with the hand shower. When it was time to soap him down, we turned our attention to the Pears soap in the soap box.

Ever since I started using Green Pears Soap, he insists on holding the soap and gives it to me when I ask him for it. Also since he already has some soap on his hands due to holding it, he ends up smearing soap all over himself. Like the past few days, today too, he asked me "Please give soap" and I handed it to him.

He was holding it in his little hands and I guess he exerted a bit too much of pressure on the soap. The soap did not like that one bit !!!! It plopped right out of his hands into the bath tub. He frowned a bit and then went scurrying after it on all fours. Found it and he picked it up and was about to hold it up like a trophy when the errant soap plopped out again. This went on and on and while Abhay's exasperation with the soap mounted, so did my amusement and wider became the grin on my face.

I remember thinking "Now you know what it feels like when we tell you to do something and you keep doing just the opposite. Now you're getting a taste of your own medicine".

Finally with a look on his face that I can only describe as a mixture of exasperation, antipathy and irritation he put the soap back in the soap box pretty unceremoniously and said "Chee Chee Soap" "Chee Chee Soap". I was trying very very hard not to burst into laughter when he goes on to say "Thats a bad boy soap".

Well well - look who's talking huh ???

14 July, 2006

Aparna had her first swimming lesson today

We have been wanting to get Appu in for swimming lessons. Did not work out last summer. This summer, once school closed for the summer hols, she too has been wanting to learn to swim.

One of my friends sent me the brochure of a swimming class being conducted in a nearby location. She had already checked out the place and told me that it was neat and the pool too very clean. And she had already enrolled her daughter for a three week session.

Day before yesterday, I too went and got Aparna enrolled.

Today was her first day at swimming.

Knowing Appu, I could see all signs of a building excitement and yet, at the same time, the feeling of apprehension that comes when one knows one is getting into something new - something so often seen yet unknown at such close quarters.

Once there, the kids changed into their swimwear and off to the pool.

Their instructor got them to do basic stretch exercises before getting into the pool.

Once in, the instructor first started off by teaching Appu to breathe - breathe - hold your breath - when underwater start exhaling, blowing bubbles through a closed mouth.

He first got her comfortable floating in the water with just her hands (upto her elbows) still on the side of the pool and then slowly moved on to having her whole body floating in the water with just her fingers holding onto the sides of the pool.

Then came the tougher part - breathing - or rather learning to "keep her mouth shut" underwater. First couple of times, she ended up opening her mouth fully underwater (basic reflex reaction) and took in a whole lot of water and was coughing wildly.

Slowly but steadily, he then asked her to dip her nose into the water, then her face. With her face underwater, he was asking her to exhale by blowing bubbles in the water. Then he was actually holding her face in the water while counting upto five.

It was a one hour session and I could see the increasing confidence. Gone was the initial repeated "I can't I can't" that she kept saying to her instructor. Even when he was attending to another child, I could see her voluntarily putting her face underwater and blowing bubbles underneath.

She did that five times in a row without swallowing water and then looked at me (I was sitting in the parents' enclosure by the pool) and there was a wide grin on her face and then she waved and went back to practicing her breathing.

All in all, she enjoyed being in the water and was having a nice time.

Once the session was up, I gave her a shower there and we all got back home.

There were the normal bunch of Appu questions "When am I going to be really good at swimming" "When am I going to be able to swim laps" etc.

The next session is on Monday and she's already looking forward to it.

Algebra ??? Chemistry !!!!

M square - M raised to the power 2
C square - C raised to the power 2
C cube - C raised to the power 3

What are these ??

a) Weird abbreviations
b) Algebraic equations
c) Chemical equations
d) None of the above

Well, if you guessed (d) you are bang on the dot. Bulls Eye !!!

That is a code language of sorts.

Yesterday after coming back from her friends place Appu said I at a V.I.C there but now I'm hungry again so could you please give me some C cubes ?

We've kind of developed this code language so that Abhay does not understand what its all about.

Cos its all about food - of the junky kind. Now with Abhay when he hears the word chocolate or icecream - he sometimes asks for it right then. And if that happens to coincide with his lunch time or dinner time then we are in for big trouble. Cos he sticks to his guns and says "want chocolate" or "want icecream" and its my turn to say "first lunch/dinner" and then you can have your chocolate or icecream. That again leads to huge and loud howls of protests and tears pouring down his face and what have you.

So we have so far managed to keep him at bay with this code language.

C square - is chocolate cubes (pieces of a slab of chocolate)
C cube - is chocolate chip cookies
IC - icecream
V.I.C - vanilla icecream
C.I.C - chocolate icecream

I guess it wont be long before Appu comes and asks me "Can I please have some CS for my breakfast ?"
i.e Cheese Sandwich

I have to think of an appropriate abbreviation for Butter Sandwich ..... else ..... going by the above abbreviation .........

And Abhay, I think I can say this for sure, when you are old enough to read this blog entry by yourself, the look on your face, when comprehension dawns, is going to be absolutely priceless :-))

13 July, 2006

A Tale of Two Roses

Vic bought two little rose plants from the florist about a month back. Though we have had plants all along, we've never tried our hand at the flowering plants.

We've had red peppers growing in the pots at home but flowers - that too roses - never before.

Vic replanted the rose plants from the little pot in which they came from the florists' to a bigger pot.

One plant withered away while the other caught on pretty strong.

A month later, we now have two little button roses on the plant :-))

Buckets, Mugs and Showerheads

Normally while giving Abhay his shower, I use a bucket and a mug. This has been the practice ...... Its just over the past three days that I've started giving him his shower using the showerhead/handshower. Or rather I'd say it is only over the past three days that he has kind of graduated to having his shower with a hand shower (now - does that not sound kind of grown up :-))) I did like the way that sounded.

Abhay loves to be tickled. Anytime of the day, even before bedtime at night he actually comes to one of us and asks to be tickled. "Please tickle me, please tickle me or sometimes please tickli, please tickli" it goes on and on until one of us obliges .......

We am yet to catch him in the throes of the laughter that results from having been tickled but we do have a picture of a post tickli session. He looks mightly pleased with himself, does he not !!

Another thing he loves to do is play in the water (which kid does not !!)

So now that he has been introduced to the hand shower, it is serving a dual purpose - there's a spray of water which incidentally tickles him.

Shower time now - he sure gets tickled pink !!

Talk about the "two birds with one stone" theory.

12 July, 2006

The Badminton Adventure

Appu had a fantastic report to bring home from school this year too. Thrilled and extremely happy on her marvelous performance in her Primary Two year at school, and since she loves to read, we got her a whole set of books as a gift.

My First Encyclopedia
100 things you should know about Oceans
100 things you should know about Mammals
100 things you should know about Planet Earth
100 things you should know about Science
100 things you should know about the Human Body
100 things you should know about Weather

Apart from this, when asked, she requested for a badminton kit.

On Saturday, Appu and Vic went off to the park to play badminton. I told them I would follow with Abhay once I got some food into him cos he had not eaten anything much that afternoon.

But when he saw Vic and Appu leaving, he refused to eat anything and just wanted to "go to park". Did not have much choice but to dress him up and take him "to park".

Once there, he played for a while and then started to get cranky - hunger pangs I presume. His crankiness soon got out of hand and I had to get him back home amidst a lot of howls and protests.

I then got back to the park minus Abhay.

By then, Appu too looked all sweaty and tired and she wanted to take a break.

Seizing the opportunity, me and Vic decided to play badminton.

We did, for quite a while, until the shuttlecock decided to go and perch itself on one of the branches of a nearby tree.

In his efforts to get the shuttle down, Vic's racquet too got stuck amongst the branches of the tree.

Now what ?????

We decided to get some tennis balls from home and try throwing those into the branches - since tennis balls are heavy they would fall down and hopefully so would the shuttle and/or the racquet.

I told Vic "I'll take Appu with me upto our block and ask her to go up home and get the tennis balls"

Appu being what she is, with her selective perception mode in full swing heard only this "I'll take Appu with me and ask her to go up and get it".

With an expression on her face that I can only classify as desperate, Appu came up to me and said "mummy Mummy before you do anything can I tell u something"

And then she whispers "Mummy I cannot climb up on that tree to get the racquet and shuttle down"

Once I had stopped laughing, I did eventually get around to explaining that what I wanted was for her to go home and get the tennis balls.

With a sheepish look on her face, she and me set off and very soon we were back in the park with the tennis balls.

Now on one side was the park, the other side was full of bushes and on the third side was a barbeque in full swing.

It so happened that we did throw the tennis balls up but they decided to go over and land among the bushes.

Badminton racquet and shuttle still caught among the branches and now the tennis balls had gone over and fallen into the bushes too.

Vic got hold of some people from the building management office and they sent a couple of security guards to help.

Armed with a wobbly footstool and a long fishing kind of pole the security guard made his way to the park. Once there with a lot of wobbling and shaking (due to lack of balance on the footstool) he finally managed to get the racquet and shuttle down.

Vic then had to wade thru the bushes to get the tennis balls back.

It was an adventure of sorts.

By the time we got back home all hot and sweaty, Abhay had had his dinner and was enjoying the cool draft of the A/C watching Tom and Jerry.

We felt like a bunch of "Toms" actually right then, but what the heck - we enjoyed the adventure !!

I only wish I had had the digicam with me then. Would have got some great shots.

Parasailing in Pattaya

The other day Appu was sitting with Vic when he was watching BBC. They happened to be showing people going parasailing.

That was when Vic told Appu

"You know Appu, much before you were born, me and your mom used to go on holidays and on one such holiday both of us went parasailing"

Her curiosity piqued, she wanted to know more. How, how long does it take, how was it, were u scared ..............

Vic told her that we have the whole thing on videotape and later that afternoon we dug out that video and played it out for her to watch.

She sat thru it wide-eyed, with an amazed expression on her normally serious face.

The other day, she wanted to see that video again. But madam had forgotten the name of the place where we had gone parasailing.

She came up to me and said

"mummy can i watch that video again please"

I asked her which one

She said "the one I saw two days ago"

I asked her to be specific

Appu said "the one in which you and dad went to the pagoda on a parachute"

"To the Pagoda on a parachute ?????!!!!!"

Trust me - I'm having a tough time even typing this out - cos I'm still laughing so hard ............

Bal Vihar programme (May 2006)

As they did last year, this year too the Laguna City Bal Vihar group were to do a skit for the programme on the occasion of Swami Chinmayananda's birthday on 06 May 2006.

We stand as one family
bound to each other with love and respect

We serve as an army,
courageous and disciplined,
ever ready to fight against
all low tendencies and false values
within and without us.

We live honestly
the noble life of sacrifice and service,
producing more than what we consume
and giving more than what we take.

We seek the Lord's grace
to keep us on the path of virtue,
courage and wisdom.

May Thy grace and blessings flow
through us to the world around us.

We believe that the service of our country
is the service of the Lord of Lords,
and the devotion to the people
is devotion to the Supreme Self.

We know our responsibilities;
give us the ability and courage to fulfill them.


Thus began the programme for the year 2006, with a whole group of junior children reciting the Chinmaya Mission Pledge.

The Laguna City group (very ably led by their teacher Mrs. Charu Srikant) was to enact a skit which exemplified para 3 of the pledge.

That day, we had in our midst, Mahatma Gandhi, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Rani Laxmibai, Chatrapati Shivaji, Meerabai, Sage Valmiki, Netaji Subash Chandra Bose and many more brave, courageous personalities from Indian history.

Only during the rehearsals on stage did Shivaji decide to leave the stage and take a walk - cos he desperately needed to go to the toilet :-))

Shivaji's mom made doubly sure that there was no such repeat incident.

The kids had put in a lot of effort into their roles and the play was very good and their costumes were awesome.

Among many others, one other good thing that came out of this skit and the eventual practice sessions was the curiosity and interest that manifested itself in the kids -that need to know more about the great leaders of India and through the leaders - different facets of the country which they hail from.

Bal Vihar is now taking their summer break too and classes are due to resume in September 2006.

Of Iron Supplements and ....

I was taking out one of my capsules (an iron supplement) from its foil pack and the ever curious Appu wanted to know what it was.

I said "Thats an iron supplement"

"Supplement" ?? - the resultant frown on that face almost ended up knitting her brows together.

I said "yeah - cos the iron levels in my body are low so the doctor has asked me to take these medicines so as to build up the iron levels"

I could literally "hear" the wheels in her head cranking and turning.

Then she says " So you are going to be eating iron " ?

I said " hmmm yeah you could say that "

A smile later she says "Mummy once you do that make sure you dont go near the fridge else you'll get stuck on to the magnets on the fridge door"

Yeah Yeah - I was having my leg pulled :-) .....

Of Skipping Ropes and Hula Hoops

When we take the kids to the park to play, we normally arm ourselves with tissues, wet tissues, cloth towels and of course, the lifesaving (our lives I mean) water bottles.

Over the past month or so, however, the ever expanding "things to take to park" umbrella has had to accomodate a ball, skipping rope and a hula hoop. This is because most of the friends Appu used to play with in the park have gone off for holidays to India.

Appu's taken to skipping after more or less having mastered using the hula hoop.

And I've been watching Abhay watching Appu with her skipping rope and the hoop. Until finally he made his move ......

Now she gets the hula hoop - he wants it. She gets the skipping rope - he wants it.

He's really "figured" out what to do with the hoop :-)) and what does he do - he holds it around his waist and goes round and round with the hoop :-)

With the skipping rope, however, he is all at sea. Aside of tripping over it, he has not accomplished much. One day, I sure hope to catch him all wound up in the skipping rope, having a nice time trying to extricate himself.

And is mummy planning on helping - No No - mummy is planning on being there with a camera for a "candid picture".

Till then, its going to be "what monkey see, monkey do !!"

Or rather, "What monkey do, monkey see and monkey do".

Penchant for the wardrobe

Abhay had fallen into a weird (guess not so weird from a kids point of view) of getting into the wardrobe and plonking himself in there.

Happened a few months back actually - this guy was nowhere to be seen. Thank God houses in HK aren't large. We were having a tough time finding where this guy was inside of a 900 sq ft house.

Guess where he was - well no two guesses on this one - given the opening sentence.

He was comfortably sitting inside the wardrobe exploring the wires and multiplugs which were stored in a box on the floor of the wardrobe. But he sure was having trouble with getting the box fully open........

.............. why ???? ..............

........... cos he was sitting on that very box.

There he is - our very own shekchilli !!

11 July, 2006

World Environment Day 2006

The Deputy Principal at Appu's school came up with a project for the kids to commemorate World Environment Day this year.

The kids were asked to bring in their ideas on paper, be it a poem, a poster, a painting, artwork made of recycled materials - anything that would get the message across "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle".

Aparna, ably assisted by both her parents, decided to make a poster. We sat up late at night on 31st May 2006 and the poster was done in a couple of hours time (picture above).

She took it to school the next day and her class teacher took it over to the school library where it was displayed till the end of the school term.

On the last day of school, all the other posters were returned to the respective children. Aparna's teacher told her that she liked her poster so much that she was retaining it at school.

Needless to say, the little lady was thrilled to bits !!

Creating music notes at Parsons Music

23rd April 2006

Aparna had her violin lessons scheduled for 9.15 am. I had gone over to Parsons Music to drop her off and needless to say, Abhay was with me too. After Aparna had gone in for her violin lessons, me and Abhay went over to the park where he had his breakfast that day and later on went on to play for a while.

Soon it was nearing 10 am - time to fetch Aparna from Parsons Music classes. We went over there and found that Appu was not thru with her lessons for the day. Abhay took the initiative and decided to plonk himself on one of the little stools there. The little guy had his lesson at Parsons that day too - called "How to balance yourself on a stool and what happens when you dont". One loud thud as his rump hit the floor and an even louder bang as his head met the glass wall on the side - Parsons was having a totally different set of music notes that Sunday.

Needless to say, a few milliseconds later came the blaring of bassoons and trumpets, albeit of a different kind !!

Singular or Plural(s)

This has created quite some confusion in Abhay of late. Yesterday he was looking out of the window and he goes "That's one tree" "Thats two tree" and I said "Abhay you say Thats two trees".

One fish, two fishes .......... three ??? (there was a quizzical expression on his face)

Towards evening, he was getting a lot better at the singular/plural thing. Or so I thought .......

Evening he comes over, plonks on my lap with that little index finger pointing at me and says

"This is Ammais"

On second thought, maybe Ammai seriously needs to consider losing some weight :-))

Row Row Row Your Boat

Normally as soon as he wakes up, Abhay goes into the bathroom to brush his teeth (to have his teeth brushed rather). But yesterday, he did not want to.

Had to think up something immediately and voila - till yesterday I did know that Appu gets bright ideas whilst on her Inspiration Seat (the potty I mean) - but I did not know that she could inspire other people perched on her Inspiration Seat.

And there it was - a jingle, a variation on one of Abhay's favourite rhyme

"Row Row Row Your Boat Gently Down the Street
Merrily Merrily Merrily Merrily Lets Go Brush our Teeth"

Sure enuff, it worked :-))

10 July, 2006

That day at the supermarket

This happened a few months back

I had been shopping at the supermarket with both my kids. Appu was prancing about right in front of the trolley (don’t ask me why – its always like that) and Abhay was perched on the trolley (it better be like that).

We first went thru the veggie section, then the fruits and later on to the other aisles. There was this section where there were clocks on display (they were being offered as a promo alongwith some other product) – sure enuff – Abhay goes “Adhu COCK” (he is yet to realise that there is an “l” to it as well) and immediately Appu says “Abhay adhu not COCK – that is a C”l”ock).

Big Mistake !!!!

He yells with double the lungpower “Adhu Cock” and very innocently Appu tried to correct him again “Not cock Abhay CLOCK” and this went on ….

And amused onlookers were aplenty. Some of them were even heard saying “How cute”. I am not sure I heard them right cos my ears were all but burning.

My face, in the meanwhile, was turning all shades of red – I guess it finally stopped somewhere at Beet Red cos it could not have gone any further.

Finished off the rest of my shopping and got out of the supermarket on the double.

I did remember reading one such episode posted by another parent quite a while back and I do remember being in splits. But little did I realise that it would bounce right back at me.

And I completely agree with what the other parent had said

“Thank God they don’t have f”l”ags on display in the supermarkets”.

The day emails started using the toilet

Right from the her babyhood days, whenever she needs to use the toilet, Appu using one of her now infamous Appuisms always says “I’m urgent” “I’m urgent”.

Now madam has grown up into all of 6 years but the “I’m urgent” still rules.

The other day she was waiting for me to finish my work on the PC so that she could log on to her school website. Kept on asking me “Mummy have you finished your work” “Mummy have you finished ……..”.

I had a couple of emails to be sent out rightaway and whilst in the middle of composing one of those I told her “Appu just wait for a few minutes. I have an urgent email to send”.

Pat came the question

“Urgent. Does that mean your email has to go to the toilet ?”

Hold On

The other day Appu was speaking to her Dad on the phone while he was at work.

She sounded OK all along and all of a sudden, as though taken over by a sudden burst of inspiration, she came flying across to me and said “Mummeeeeee Mummeeeeee please give me something to hold on to”

HUH ??

“Mummeee I need to hold on to something ……”

Asked her why and pat came the reply

“Cos Daddy asked me to HOLD ON”.

What a pain in the ............

When she came home from school the other day, Appu was quite grumpy. Just figured must be tired but no no – she and her friend had had an “argument” over something. Sounds quite grown up but let me assure you its not J

And sure enough, Appu goes – Mama “you know that abc (I rather not quote the friend’s name) she said this and I said this and she said this and I said this and she said I said she said I said ………. Oh and now I have such a headache.

You know Mummy that abc is such a pain (I wasn’t sure I was hearing right – I really did not want to hear the rest) but sure enough there it was

“She is such a pain in the headache” “Such a pain in the headache”.

Holy Mokisto !!

The other Abhay was watching the Disney channel on the telly and in his hand was a chocolate chip cookie. I was sitting next to him just to make sure he did not stuff the entire biscuit into his mouth and then gag on it.

Just about to take a huge bite of chocolate chip cookie and Abhay stopped short. Now only something of gargantuan proportions can make him hesitate when it comes to biting off a choc chip cookie. But in this case it was something small, tiny in fact.

He froze and then goes

“Ammai – Adho Embu Embu”
“Ammai – Adho Embu – Ant Ant”

And sure enough, there was something insecty perched on his little leg. But it was not an ant it was the infamous mosquito.

Quite alarmed at the sight of a mosquito sitting on his leg, I, needless to say, swished at it and it flew away before my hand could get within a mile of it.

But true to its nature, it settled down on his leg again and this time I got it. When I picked up the moskie in a tissue I found Abhay looking at me, his face alight with curiosity.

I showed him the mosquito in the tissue and told him “Abhay this is a mosquito”.

Sure enuff, pat came the reply “Adhu Mokisto” “That’s a Mokisto”.

And he has been calling it that ever since …….

Towngas is on fire !!

January 2006
It was really cold and pretty early in the morning …...

…….. and Appu was having her shower to get ready for school.

Suddenly as though in a trance she closed her eyes (I later realised that she was trying to nap thru her shower), swayed a couple of times and opened her eyes. A couple of seconds later her eyes grew as wide as saucers and she suddenly exclaimed “Mummy Mummy Towngas is on fire – a really high fire”.

I was still trying to get my bearings – seriously wondering if she was having “visions” – that too so early in the morning …… and then it dawned on me ……….

The flames in the gas heater in the bathroom were really high and the gas heater is a TOWNGAS heater.

It is a good thing HK does not have “GOBAR GAS”.

Want to Piss !!!! (Oh Please !!)

January 2006
Pretty funny – downright hilarious – depends on the situation. I am not talking about a comedy show on the telly – I’m describing Abhay’s attempts at stringing words into sentences.

We have been dinning it into Abhay’s head that whenever he wants something he has to say Please. Now comes the pronunciation bit – he pronounces Please and it kind of sounds like Piss – no kidding !!

The other day we had been to a friend’s place to visit her 3 month old baby. Some of her elder son’s toys were lying around on the ledge. Among them was a big red caaiisshh (car in Abhayism).

Now this guy is a big Lattooo when it comes to anything on wheels. He was staring at that car eyes bright with anticipation. Unfortunately for him no one paid attention. Not the hosts, not dad and least of all not mom. In fact mom was actually hoping he would shift his attention from the car onto something else. But that was not to be.

Forced to put his linguistic abilities to the test he looks at my friend’s husband and says

“Want to Piss”

I did not believe I heard that right. And sure enough – he said it again and again and again. My friend’s hubby was looking quite mortified – he quite plainly did not know what to do and the poor fellow did not have an inkling as to what this was all about.

As for Mom and Dad, we really were bursting at our seams with laughter but stifling it seemed to be the best option at that point of time.

Abhay has now come a long way from saying “Want to Piss” – in fact among the first things we worked on was making his “Please” sound like “Please”.

His “Please” now sounds like “peas”

GoAwayAppa !!

One of the established routines for Abhay is to sit down with Dad (Appa) for morning prayers.

And then Dad says “Amma kitta chollu nee enna panninai” (Tell Mummy what you did just now) and Abhay walks (rather runs – he still has not figured out how to walk) over to me with a huge smile and my customary question goes “Nee Enna Panninai” ? (What did you do ?) and he normally says

Ummachi Nanana (Ummachi Narayana)

Ummachi is what small children say for God in Talayalam.

It goes “Ummachi Narayana Guruvayoorappa”

Normally Abhay stops at Ummachi NaNaNa

The other day he decided to go one step further and said

“Ummachi NaNaNa GoAwayAppa”

Appa Ange Irukku !!

The other day when Vic got home from work, Appu opened the door.

She is now making a very sincere attempt at speaking in Talayalam (our mother tongue – not Tamil not Malayalam but a good mix of both).

Abhay was in the bedroom watching Tweenies on the computer.

On seeing Dad home, she went away and running to the bedroom, loudly telling Abhay on the way

“Abhay come here – Appa Ange Irukku”

Baby Gas Oil !!

The other day I was measuring out Waterbury’s Compound for Abhay. He has Waterbury’s Compound every nite and on days when his tummy seems to be acting up a spoon of Gripe Water as well.

Appu saw the Gripe Water bottle and immediately went

“Hey I know that”

“What Appu ?”

“I know what that is Mom”

“What what is Appu ?”

“That bottle there”

“How do you know what that bottle contains ?”

“I just know Mom”

“Do you want me to tell u what that is Mom ?”

“Yeah Appu – tell me – what is that ?”

“That is Baby Gas Oil”

“Whoa Whoa – What was that ?”

Pat came the reply brimming with confidence – “Baby Gas Oil”

Well – move over Caltex and Esso – you’ve got competition ...........

............... From Baby Gas Oil !!

Lakshmi, Durga, Saraswati and ......

The other day, we had received a email - a picture of Goddesses Laksmi, Saraswati and Durga.

As is normally the case, Abhay hopped on to my lap as soon as I switched the PC on and was staring wide-eyed at the picture once it was downloaded.

As he was showing a lot of interest in the picture, I decided to test the waters and told him

"Abhay Idhu Ummachi" (Ummachi = God in baby Tamil Language)

"Adhu Ummachi Nanana" (Nanana = Narayana) said Abhay

"Idhu Lakshmi"

"Adhu Lachmi"

"Idhu Durga"

"Adhu Durga"

"Idhu Saraswati"

"Adhu sarashtathi"

Illai Kanna "Idhu Saraswati"

"Adhu Sarashvathithi"

Abhay "Say Saraswati"


In the picture, Goddess Durga was shown sitting on her vahana - the tiger. Pointing to the tiger, I asked Abhay

"Abhay Idhu Ennathu" ? (Abhay what is this) ?

Pat came the reply

"Adhu Simba"
"Ammai Adhu Simba"

Oh sweet innocence !!

And sure enough, a moment later, he claps his hand on both sides of his cheeks and goes “Oh My Gott” (he pronounces God as Gott)

Adhu Tiger – That’s a tiger !!

Does God eat fish ??

We had six baby fishes in the aquarium at home for the past 2-3 months. They had been feeding well, growing well when, due to a sudden change in weather, four of the fishes fell sick.The usual antibiotic drops did not work and as luck would have it, all four of them died.

Aparna was quite glum that evening and even refused an outing to the park.The other two fishes seemed OK that evening but when we looked at the aquarium the next morning they were sick too.

By the time Aparna got back from school in the afternoon, the remaining two fishes were dead as well.

That night as I was putting her to bed, Aparna suddenly asked me

"Where did our fishes go after they died" ?"

Well......ummm....when people die they go to heaven"

"What happens then Mom" ?

"Well Appu, you see, when God takes someone to heaven, he takes good care of them"

"But Mom - tell me - when we eat fish - it is already dead - is it not" ?

"Yep Appu - they die before they are cooked"

"Mom - Does God eat fish" ?

"Well Appu - honestly - no - God does not eat fish"

"Well then Mom - hmmmm - let me think OK .........."

"Yeah yeah Mom - I wanted to ask - then what does God do with dead fish"

"Well Appu - I'm sure He takes good care of them"

"Ok baby - good nite to you - sleep tight OK - u've got to get up early tomorrow - got school remember"

Appu (*yawn*) - hmmm Good nite Mom

The Christmas Choir - Primary Twos

16th December 2005
Well, I did attend the Xmas Production of the Primary Twos. It was good. All 150 kids in the P2 level were together on stage and the opening song and the closing ones were sung together.

The in betweens were orchestrated by their respective class teachers. Appu’s teacher Ms. Caroline Willing was looking quite the Santa Claus what with her Santa cap and her outfit and her huge glasses and of course, the now famous “front teeth with the gap in between”.

All the teachers “led” their respective troopers thru their songs. One of the teachers had a scale instead of a baton, another one had a straw. The best of all was Mrs.Bird whose hands shake perpetually – whether or not she is conducting an orchestra. Her hands just kept shaking all over the place.

Once the Xmas Production was over, the kids trooped back to their respective classes and the parents could go over and fetch them. When I went to her class, I saw Appu in tears – Boo Hoo Boo Hoo !! Poor thing was famished and so hungry she burst into tears. Apparently, there was a last minute cancellation of the late snack and drink that the school was going to be providing the children with in view of the late hours.

All the Laguna Citiites came back home together and en route the kids polished off everything that the moms were carrying for them in terms of food and drink.

Another 4 days of school and then come 3 weeks of Xmas holidays !!

The Christmas Productions

December 2005

Christmas – that time of the year when everything – the shopping malls, the schools, the clubhouse, the buildings, restaurants – get decorated and lit up. That time of the year when everything reminds one of Jingle Bells and Santa Clauses. That time of the year which is said to epitomise “the spirit of giving”. That time of the year when so many windows twinkle festively with lights.

And it is also that time of the year which gives parents the jitters.

No – I am not talking of Christmas gifts. I’m saying this because Christmas is that time of the year when the kindergartens and schools put forth, in right earnest, their “Christmas Productions”.

“In this year’s Xmas Production you child is a Christmas Tree. So could you please send in green trousers, matching green full sleeve Tshirt, brown boots, a decorative star on a headband, and tinsels and other decorations with your child to school by next week”. OR

“Your child has been chosen as a reindeer in this year’s Xmas production. Please send in maroon trousers, brown/green full sleeve Tshirt and a pair of antlers by next week”.

And the list just continues to grow ……………

Weird outfits are in demand and I’m sure what every parent needs is Cinderella’s godmother with a wand.

It reminds me of the Xmas productions Appu has been in so far and the outfits that were “requested” for by the school.

Appu’s class were presenting a song show and were to sing 2 songs to embody the spirit of Christmas. This required the tots to be dressed fully in red. Red skirt, red matching top and black leather boots. It did result in a mad rush to quite a few shops in Kowloon cos though she did have a red skirt, the red top was wanting. Find it on time we did, and all was well.

It just gets better. Appu was a sheep in the nativity play that her class was supposed to be performing. Outfit needed – white trousers, full sleeve fleece white top, sheep’s mask, black gloves and black socks. This time the quest for the outfit was madder than that of last year but we still managed to put it together in time. At the last minute, the teachers decided to do away with the mask. And our little sheep (dressed in all white with black gloves and socks) was so engrossed in watching the play that she forgot to step on to the stage. So the little boy who was supposed to be playing her shepherd (his name was Omar) decided to stay put too. So that year, the audience had in their midst, a little sheep who forgot to get on stage to say “Baa Baa” and a little shepherd who was only too happy to stay put amongst the spectators, along with his sheep.

Primary One
This year Appu was chosen to be an angel. Talk of oxymorons !!!

Fortunately, the white tunic to be worn by the angels (there were 5 of them in all) were stitched by the school. So the only thing parents were asked to send in were tinsels for the hair and the waist. The Xmas production was a huge hit.

It was beautiful.

I still remember the kids giving it their all, just letting their hair down, dancing on stage, singing to their lungs’ content

“Its Christmas, Its Christmas, let everybody sing. Its Christmas Its Christmas, let everybody dance”.

Primary Two
This year Appu’s class is presenting an “Evening of Christmas Songs”. Not too much of a quest for the outfit this time too. Am sure looking forward to their Christmas Choir. Judging by the performance the kids put forth last year, it is going to be a blast this year too.

Theme song “I’m a little Christmas Cracker – I’m a little Christmas Cracker”

Keep em coming kids. Keep em coming …………..

Happy Birthday Aparna !!

30th November 2005

Our little girl completes 6 years of age today. She turns 7. No cliches – but it is to true – time absolutely flies.

Seems like just yesterday – I so very vividly remember her face when she came into this world. Of those too, there are two things which I remember thinking then –

1) Oh My God !! Her eyes are wide open.

2) Where in the name of God is all the hair on top of her head. She was born completely bald.

And that little mite is now turning 7.

We packed up a lot of candy bags yesterday for Appu to take to school for all her friends in class.

Once all the packing was done – we stacked all the loot bags up in a huge bag and that was when Madam realised that it would be a little too heavy for her to carry on her own.

Looking a bit sheepish (cos she was the one who had insisted that she would be OK carrying it off to school by herself) she asked “Mummy can u please come to school tomorrow – I cannot carry this all the way to school”

So Mom obliged and Mom and Appu went off to school today. In the bus, all that Mom got from Appu was one little sheepish, embarrassed grin and that was that. After than – it was “Do I know you” ? looks all the way to school.

Made me wonder – when they are little – they create a huge fuss over just about anything or nothing, they throw tantrums, they are capable of throwing up all over you in public and of course doing much worse things – in short – they embarrass us.

And now we embarrass them – just by being around them when they are with their friends !!

When is it that the line gets crossed from being “the embarrassed ones” to “the embarrassing ones” ??

But then, it did take me back Down Memory Lane – to the days when my mom used to come to school armed with my lunch box. And the embarrassment that used to wash over me then – cos most of the other kids used to carry their own lunch boxes.

Well, from being “the embarrassed” to “the embarrassing ones” – in a lot of ways – seems to be the cycle of life !!

Appu's First Day at Primary School

September 2004

Got back from school a while back and Abhay was still asleep ....but then he woke up suddenly and started screaming - just held him for a while and patted him back to sleep and after that just sat around gathering my thoughts, had my breakfast, downloaded the photos that we took today morning before and in school and now realise that the house feels so very empty ......

Abhay's asleep and Appu's at school .......

This was how the events of the morning unfolded .....

Morning 4.45 am Abhay started screaming - then had his milk androlled back to sleep - since I had slept pretty late last nite Idecided to nap it up as well - my day today began at 6 am.

Appu woke up all fresh and raring to go at around 6.15 am and all threeof us (appu mom and dad) were ready by 7.40 am.

Abhay, by then,definitely knew that something was going on but decided (thankfully)to be a silent observer instead of bellowing his protests.

7.45 am we went downstairs and waited for the bus. The bus was a bit late (guess the driver had first day blues too :-)) and Appu was beginning to get restless. The bus finally appeared at 5 mins to 8 am and it was just Appu from our block and 3 other kids from the next block.

Just as these kids were getting settled in, one of the kids from the next block threw up all over the bus (she had been kinda teary when she got into the bus) and I could see apprehension seeping into the other kids in the bus (if this could happen to an experienced old-time student any reason why it should not happen to us - thats what their looks said)

Anyways that lil girl went off home - no school today and the rest of us after stopping enroute and picking up a lot many more kids, reached school around 8.30 am.There were lots of senior students waiting in the foyer to take the little ones to the assembly hall (this was one aspect I loved about this school - there was no hesitation on the part of the little ones to go along with the elder ones) where the principal and deputy principal were waiting to receive them.

Then after all the kids were in, we parents went in too and the principal spoke to us all and then the kids lined up and were escorted to their respective classrooms.

As the principal put it "in our days when school started the kids used to cry but nowadays from what I see the kids cry less and the parents more". He could not have been closer to the truth.

And just before she left the assembly room to go on to her classroom Appu gave us a smile looking all so grown up. Then a wave of her hand and a little kiss that came flying shewalked off ............ She was really brave thru it all todaydespite the fact that it was a totally new place and absolutely newpeople ........ and I was the one who was on the verge of tears ....

Then we went to the classrooms (not inside the class) watched ourkids from the lobby and all the kids were sitting on the mat. As I looked at my baby and waved goodbye she smiled and waved back and as we turned to leave I guess the class teacher called out her name and I can still hear her voice ringing in my ears as she put her hand upand said "Here Ms.Nanorian".........

Am waiting for 3.15 pm when her bus will bring her back home and hope to see her coming back with a smile on her face .......

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